April 29, 2008

"To all who come to this happy place --- Welcome!"

Disneyland 2008

We went to Disneyland this past week, and we had a GREAT time! It was the 3rd time for Kevin and the 1st for myself and the kids. We loved everything about this place and we definitely want to go back. We had SO MUCH FUN!!! I will admit I was worried that Disneyland was overrated -- but happily it exceeded all of my expectations. It really is a happy, magical place.

Here are some pictures from our fun family trip!

On the infamous 'tea cup' ride

We loved the parade. Everyone is so happy and enthusiastic and the music was so fun!

Kevin and the kids on the Matterhorn

Princess Fantasy Faire

They had the Electrical Parade on the weekend over in California Adventure. I'm so glad I got to see it. I've always wanted to see this parade, and I was worried they didn't do it anymore. After the parade there were fireworks. I love fireworks!

While Kevin, Josh and Izzy rode the Grizzly River Run ride I took Ben on a walk around Paradise Pier. He had a great time fighting with his light saber. He was a little sad he wasn't tall enough to go on the River Run, but then we found this fun 'playground' (for lack of a better word) right across the way - Brother Bear's Challenge. Ben had a good time and was entertained for quite awhile there.

Izzy with Lilo

And this is how David spent the week in Disneyland. David got really sick during our trip actually. He had a high fever, diarrhea , and was throwing up the whole time. He didn't eat for 4 days. So we spent some time in the Baby Centers in the parks. It's pretty cool that they have registered nurses right there if you need them. And we needed them. We were worried about David and it didn't help that it was HOT while we were there. It was in the 90s and one day it was even 101.

Poor little guy! He was so miserable and it obviously made for an 'interesting' trip. The kids were good about it and didn't complain that they didn't get to see and do as much as they'd hoped. I told them we'd come back again.

So if you're wondering why David isn't in most of the pictures, well. . . now you know. One parent had to be fully focused on him and the other parent was with the other 3.

Dinner with Goofy at Goofy's Kitchen

We stayed at the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel and this is the view from our room. It was beautiful at night with everything all lit up.

I love this picture of Izzy. I think it captures how you feel when you're in Disneyland. You're just happy, and people around you are happy too.

I guess that's why they call it -

"The Happiest Place on Earth!"