June 30, 2008

Carillon Bell Concert

Last week we went to a bell concert. We took some treats and a blanket, and sat down to enjoy a relaxing evening with the family.

David with his licorice

Ben (I just love this kid!)

Josh & Izzy

1930s Wife

So I answered this questionnaire to find out how I would rank as a wife according to 1930 standards. . .


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Surprised? Let me assure you, no one is more surprised than me - especially as I look around at my untidy house.

I think the fact that I have 4 children and I'm a morning person really boosted my score.

By the way, I do not wear red nail polish.

June 22, 2008

Father's Day

Simply put -
I chose wisely.

I love this husband o' mine. He is the most amazing husband and fantastic father. We love him more than words can express.

Grandpa Donut came over for Father's Day dinner. Luke, JoAnna, & Ava came too. It was good just to be together, hanging out.

My Dad & Me

Father's Day 2008

We spent some time at the cemetery that evening. Kevin's Dad loves roses. It's sad I never got to meet him or that the kids don't get to play around with him. Someday.

Kevin tells me stories about his Dad and what a great man he was. I know he is. I can see that greatness in his son.

We also went over to my Uncle's grave. That was hard. The pain is still there. I hugged my Dad even tighter.

This Father's Day I savored every moment with my family. And I made sure not to take it for granted. To all the Fathers in my life - Thank You. I Love You.

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

Do you. . .

have a "campout" at home

go to MOA's Children's Celebration of the Arts

have a Teddy Bear picnic

run through the sprinklers

Is that what you do?

So do I.