March 30, 2008

My Baby is One!

My baby David is officially 1!


A year ago

That first year goes by crazy fast! And I'm learning that the following years seem to fly by even faster.

We had a fun party for the birthday boy and our house was bursting at the seams! But, it was fun to have both Kevin's family and my family. I asked my cousin, Zanny, to take pictures during the party, so I'll post those when I get them. (My darling birthday boy got ahold of my camera and decided to repeatedly bang it onto the kitchen floor! Needless to say, it may be awhile before I can post many pictures! :( So I am especially appreciative of people (a.k.a. Zanny) who will take pictures for me.

It just occurred to me that I should do a little slide show of David. I'll see if I can get that done this week.

Happy Birthday David baby!

Our Easter 2008

Already? What the?

It's just weird to have Easter this early. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it, although that might have something to do with the fact that I've been sick.

Thank goodness for family! Seriously if it wasn't for family my kids wouldn't have celebrated Easter this year. I just didn't have it in me. My Mom had all the grandkids up to her house to color eggs. So thanks to her, my children got to color eggs and bring some home. My Aunt Kathleen had an Easter party and Easter Egg Hunt at her house for all my aunts, uncles, cousins and all our kids. It was actually at a park, and it was FREEZING, so we quickly packed up and headed over to her house. But the kids had a great time despite the cold. Thanks to my Aunt Kathleen my children got to have a fun time with their cousins and they got tons of Easter candy!

Our Easter morning went something like this:
At 6:45 a.m. just as Kevin was leaving for Bishopric meeting, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed, down to the storage room to get out the kids' easter baskets/buckets. I put in some grass (the colored kind, not the real kind of course - I was at least that coherent!) and set them in the front room. And then I did what can only be described as "re-gifting" the easter eggs my children had found the day before at the Easter Egg Hunt. And I also hid some empty eggs too.
My kids woke up at 7:00 a.m. just as I climbed back into bed.

(As I type this I am feeling pretty pathetic and a bit embarrassed, but at the time I felt like it was all I could do. Actually, it felt like more than what I could do. Oh well, my kids were happy and that's what I do it for anyway.)

Did I mention I've been sick? I just need to make that clear before you start thinking I'm a terrible mother. For our "grand" Easter dinner I told Kevin that I didn't care if everybody had cold cereal - again. I guess that just didn't quite do it for him, so he made dinner that night. I love my husband. He's great! And he made one of the best Easter dinners ever - at least in my opinion:

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Seriously, for a girl who's been sick all week, this dinner was heaven. So our family sat around the dinner table on Easter Sunday dipping our sandwiches into bowls of warm tomato soup.

Once again - Thank Goodness for Family!

The Past Two Weeks. . .

I've been soooo sick. It all began on St. Patrick's Day - I woke up with the body aches and fever. Bummer! But that was only the beginning. Honestly, I think I've had every illness I could think of during these past 14 days. Extreme sore throat (you know the kind - where you have an anxiety attack at the thought of swallowing your saliva!) and sinus/head cold are just a few of my symptoms.


I do think I'm coming out of it. I have been feeling much better. But wow! What a doozy! And what crappy timing too! I completely missed St. Patrick's Day, Easter was very mellow, and it took every ounce of energy I had (which wasn't much!) to put together a party for my baby's 1st birthday.

I have realized though, how thankful I am for good health.

March 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary - to US!

Today was our 11th Anniversary!

To celebrate, Kevin took the day off and we spent the whole day together. He made a wonderful breakfast for us after the kids got off to school, and in the afternoon we drove to a little french bakery in Orem to pick out some delicious desserts for us to eat later on in the evening.

It was 10 years ago that we went to Paris, France for our 1st Anniversary. We have fond memories of that trip, and we wanted something a little reminiscent of our enjoyable time in the "City of Lights."

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Cigar

So, is your mouth watering yet? They were both delicious, but my favorite was the Chocolate Cigar - Ooooh so heavenly!

We were also able to go out to eat (at Ruby River) and then to a movie. We saw "Penelope" and enjoyed it very much. I recommend it!

Kevin and I had a great day, but most of all, it was good to just be with him. He is my favorite person to be around, my best friend, and lucky for me - my Husband!

Life does not get any better than this.

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