April 11, 2009

The Irony

It's ironic to me that when you've got a lot of fun and exciting things going on in life, you'd like to record them in your journal, or blog about them. BUT, you're so busy with those things that you have no time to sit and write.
Then, when not much is going on, you've got all the time in the world to blog or write in your journal.

Just somethin' I think about - often.

So, I'm playing "Catch Up." Here's a peek into what's been going on around here.

Look Who's Two!

David turned 2 a few weeks ago and was very happy with his "pah-ee" (party) and "cae" (cake).

Snack Time!
Making pudding with the boys. Yes, Ben is in his ninja costume.

Last weekend, Kevin's boss gave us tickets to a Jazz game. They were great seats and Kev was so stoked to go. We all had a really fun time - even though the Jazz lost by 1 point!

We had 4 tickets, so Josh and Isabel came with us. That was a great night.

Just chillin'.
I love David's crazy, static hair when he plays in this car. Ah, the fun, random little things that happen during the day.

Cooking with the kids.
My friend, Shelley, gave me this fun, wacky cake recipe that you make in a mug in the microwave. The kids were stressing out and covering their eyes when the cake started "growing" while it was baking. I, myself, was worried about a serious microwave mess, but nothing happened. This was a fun activity and YUMMY!

Conference Weekend. I love it! This year we were able to go up to the Conference Center for one of the sessions. It was Josh and Isabel's 1st time up there, and they were looking forward to seeing the Prophet in person. This was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

It was a beautiful day, so after Conference we walked around Temple Square for a bit.

A couple of days before Easter, we got together with Lex and Nanny to dye Easter eggs.
Isabel and Roz

Orange - what else? Josh's favorite color is orange.

Nanny and Ava

Lex and Ben.
Ben already spilled dye on his shirt, so I figured it was safer for him to go shirtless.

David colored 1 egg and then had fun cracking it.

Life is certainly never boring. It's crazy busy, but good. Really good.