November 9, 2008

Thankful Hearts

With so much bad news, negativity, sorrow and tragedy that seems to be everywhere, it is difficult to fight off feelings of discouragement and depression. Yet, I know that there is hope, happiness and there are blessings if we choose to see it.
I feel ungrateful to a loving and generous Father in Heaven when I focus too long on all of the sad and negative things out there. So to help overcome this, our family has been verbalizing our blessings each day. I thought we'd share some of the things we're thankful for and maybe you'll also find things you're thankful for too. Just spreading the hope and happiness!

I'm thankful for a mom and dad who love me ~ I'm thankful for a warm home ~ I'm thankful for the restoration of Christ's church ~ I'm thankful for the love I have for my wife and children ~ I'm thankful for my family ~ I'm thankful for my new transformers ~ I'm thankful my husband has a job ~ I'm thankful gas prices are dropping ~ I'm thankful I got my bulbs planted before the ground freezes ~ I'm thankful I know how to read ~

"Surely we are a blessed people,
for which we ought to express gratitude
and then show the depth of that gratitude by
the goodness and measure of our lives."

- Gordon B. Hinckley