July 29, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I guess that's appropriate seeing as how she married Prince Phillip (Kevin's middle name is Phillip).

You Are Aurora! (A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty.)

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Thoughtful and loving. Authority figures probably have been sheltering you all of your life. Thankfully you're a very tranquil person who is content with what life has given you, but secretly you want to know how the outside world works.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Josh's Birthday

Josh's special day started out with the family waking him up singing "happy birthday," and then downstairs for the traditional birthday breakfast.

Later that morning he had an Indiana Jones themed birthday party with his friends.

First they had to figure out clues and follow a treasure map.

And then it was on to. . .

The Temple of Doom!

After making it past the falling boulders (me throwing & rolling balls down the driveway) we were on our way up the mountain searching for the treasure.

It took those boys no time at all to dig up the treasure. (It took me forever to bury it!!!)

And after one final riddle to solve, they had their treasure!

That evening the party continued with cake and ice cream. I'm not exactly sure what my Dad and Kev are doing with their arms. It looks kinda dangerous! Someone's arm hair is bound to get singed!

Josh's friend gave him this game. It's called "No Brainer." Have you heard of it? It is HILARIOUS!!! It asks yes or no questions to which you respond by shaking or nodding your head. Only the sensor doesn't really know which way your head is moving. And then it gives you encouraging suggestions like "You gotta be kiddin' me!" or "Go back to school!"
We were all laughing hysterically.

Yeah, we had a lot of fun with that game that night!

Happy Birthday Indy!

Josh Earned His Wolf Badge

Josh earned his wolf badge and 2 arrow points in Cub Scouts. We are so proud of him. He has worked really hard for this and he loves going to Cubs each week.

the ritual face painting

pinning on his badge and arrow points

pinning on the mother's pin

Great Job Josh!