February 27, 2008

Valentine Fun

Every Valentine's morning, we have pink heart shaped pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry syrup, and strawberry milk. It's a fun tradition we have and the kids always look forward to it. During breakfast is also when we give the kids their Valentines from us. This year, in addition to their cards, Josh got a light up pen, Isabel got some heart socks, and Ben got some "Cars" pencils. It was a FUN morning!

While Josh and Izzy were having lots of Valentine fun at school, Ben was having his own Valentine party at home with his friends.
(Oliver, Halle, Jacob, David, Travis, and Ben)

We decorated sugar cookies and the kids could put on whatever and however much they wanted. Which of course means - I am all out of red and pink sugar, sprinkles, and other edible Valentine decors. It is honestly amazing how kids can eat some of their "creations!" But, as you can tell, Ben obviously LOVED his!

And though I don't have pictures of it, another one of our Valentine traditions is delivering cookies and cards to some of our neighbors and family.
I used to do that as a little girl. Everyone in my neighborhood would be out delivering valentines, knock on the door and then run! It was so much fun. But, it seems that neighborhood tradition is dying.
The first few years we left cookies on someone's porch and ran, they were utterly confused. Later, they asked us why we ran and I was the one confused. Don't they know about Valentine's day traditions? I guess not.
But we continue to do it anyway. The kids have a great time and by now most of the neighbors don't think we're "weirdo's."

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