September 4, 2008

To Do lists

I'm a list maker. I love lists. Each morning I make a To Do list for the day. Here's mine from today:

1.Go grocery shopping
2.Find wedding negatives
3.Finish cleaning dining room
4.Sweep front porch
5.Clean cobwebs in entry
6.Clean corner in family room
7.Go to library
8.Finish creative cooking entries
9.Make phone calls to coordinate meals for Sister ______
10.Load Reader Rabbit for Ben

It's only 10 things. No biggie.
Well, at 10:30 tonight I was frustrated, disappointed, depressed, and exhausted. I looked at my list and realized I had crossed out very few of my To Do items. So I decided to make a new list. This time I wrote down all the things I DID do today.

1.Go walking
2.Pack kids lunches
3.Help get kids ready and off to school
4.Go to bank
5.Go grocery shopping
6.Go on a walk with the boys
7.Oil change at jiffy lube
8.Lunch with Kevin and boys
9.Vacuum front room and family room
10.Storytime with Ben
11.Wash, fold, and put away sheets
12.Put clean sheets on beds
13.Wash and dry load of kids clothes
14.Wash and dry load of gentles
15.Wash towels
16.Water flowers
17.Take care of David’s bee sting
18.Change diapers – ongoing
19.Shower and get ready
20.Make phone calls to coordinate meals for Sister ______
21.Help with kids’ homework
22.Help kids with their jobs
23.Make pizza for dinner
24.Unload and load dishwasher
25.Help coach Ben’s soccer game
26.Bathe kids
27.Read scriptures and have family prayers
28.Help pick out kids clothes for tomorrow

I at least feel justified in feeling exhausted, but it doesn't take away the disappointment in not accomplishing the things I had intended. It would seem as though I enjoy setting myself up for frustration and depression.
You would think that by now I would have gotten used to this scenario and reevaluated my To Do list. Maybe I'll put that on tomorrow's To Do list.


Leslie said...

Wow! You had a busy and productive day! Good Job!

I don't know why we insist on torturing ourselves. I do the same thing. But I don't bother writing it down -- too depressing.

Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Wow! Super mom right here! I am amazed by you! You have absolutely no reason to feel frustrated... even though I understand what you mean. :) But I'll have you know, I'm super impressed!

Barbara said...

I feel so unproductive somedays too. Like right now as I am blogging, I guess I am being pretty unproductive. Your list you put together looks impressive! I would be lucky to get those things done in two days. Give me a call if you need me to put together some dinners for sisters, I love to cook and would love to help out.

Kathleen said...

you come by your listing making honestly, from your Grandmother Mitchell, your mom, and me. The best thing is this, I heard once that it is better to have a list and only get a few things done than have nothing on the list and get it all done. Taking care of young children and a house is like shoveling snow while it is still snowing. Besides the most important thing is they have You. And that is more than enough,
The dishes keep coming and my children have grown, dirty dishes were worth it.

Ambre said...

You are such a great mom. I love to make lists and give myself a few days to accomplish the things on the list.

Dianna said...

Catherine, what a wonderful healthy way to approach the end of the day! You are a terrific mom, and I admire you with or without any lists.

I think I may try that, as my "To Do" list often goes days without receiving a dent, particularly due to having only 30-40 minute windows when Ian is actually sleeping at a time. I'm not sure, though, if listing "holding a fat baby" 10 times a day will be reassuring enough. It's pretty fun while it's happening, though.