October 17, 2008

The Very Next Day

As my sister, Lex mentioned, here is the story of what happened with David.

David was having what I call an "angry" morning. He was grunting, squawking, and screaming, pushing, pinching, and kicking. So, after dropping Ben off at my friend's for preschool I decided that I would spend some extra loving time with David. I thought maybe he just needed some one on one time.

I got out the hotwheels cars to play with him, but he just threw them at me or grabbed them out of my hands and hit me with them. So I put away the cars and got out the trains. Same thing. The trains went back into the toy box. Then I got a great idea to get out the little pop-up kids tent and play with him in that. (I am trying soooo hard to be patient and really kind and loving to him, but um, my patience is wearing a bit thin by this time.)

David is having a pretty good time in the tent, but doesn't want me in it or near it. So I figure okay, play by yourself and I'll go do dishes. That works for me. Of course, when I leave the room he gets out of the tent. He goes over to the little window on the tent and puts his head through it and out the top part, so there is a strip of fabric across his neck. Then he starts crying and screaming. So I come and get him out. Then he does it again. And again. And again. . . I really wouldn't mind this "game" so much except for that, remember he's having an angry morning, and everytime I get him out he gets mad at me. So finally I figure go ahead and do it. I'll let you cry for a minute or two and then maybe you'll stop doing this.

I hear him cry and I just keep putting laundry in the washing machine. And then I notice that his cry is now sounding very wheezy and raspy. I run to the family room and realize that David is tangled in the tent window. The fabric has been twisted and poor David can hardly breathe! His face is red/purple and he's just kneeling there. I'm thinking, "I need the scissors to cut this off, but it's also REALLY tight around his neck and the scissors are in the kitchen." So I quickly pick him up and turn his whole body around to untwist the piece that is cinching up next to his neck. Finally after a few more maneuvers I get him out. I was so scared and I just wanted to hold him and love him. Unfortunately, he really didn't want anything to do with that, so I put him in the stroller and we went for a walk. I needed some fresh air!

What would my days be like if I didn't pray every morning? That is a terrifying thought!

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