January 12, 2008

Christmas 2007

Josh, Izzy, and Ben showing off their new stuff. Where's David, you might ask? Well. . .

David (9 months) had no interest in presents - All he wanted to do was eat breakfast! So he sat in his highchair and watched the rest of the family open their gifts.

Izzy got a new dress from Grandma Peggy and roller skates from Santa. If you ask her, Izzy will tell you she looks quite "posh" in her new stuff. ("Posh is a fancy word for fancy" - from the Fancy Nancy Books, Izzy's favorite books)

Josh got a Nintendo DS Lite from Santa and the Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga game from us. He loves it - it is pretty cool, truth be told. But, I tell you, this video game world that Kevin & I are entering (and I say entering because Josh is the oldest :-) is a world that we don't know. Did you know they're not called game "cartridges" anymore? Who knew? Does that make me seem old?

Ben and his SUPER FAST scooter from Santa. He rode it all Christmas day. Into the kitchen, into the front room, into the family room, into the kitchen, into the front room. . . it truly was a dizzying day! He tells me that the flames on his scooter make him go faster!


Anonymous said...

You are on the ball. Now let's just see if you can out-blog Lex and Nanny. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Kathleen said...

If that pose of Izzy isn't her grandmother Peggy when she was young.... and you are not old, but glad I'm not the only one lost at times. Cute pictures
Aunt Kathleen