January 31, 2008

The Big Three Oooohhhh!

That's right - I'm finally 30!

Kevin got up at 5:30 a.m. to make me a yummy Birthday Breakfast. Blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry syrup, hashbrowns, grapefruit, and a bacon, red pepper, green pepper, 3 cheese omelet! What a lucky girl I am! Notice the cute pancakes in the shapes of 3s and 0s. Good job Kev!

We went rollerskating and had a great time together. The kids especially enjoyed it! Both Kevin and I were surprised at how hard it was to remember how to roller skate. It sure seemed easier when I was 10! Oh, and did you know the risk of injury increases after the age of 21? Hmmm, I wonder why?

Josh - taking a break

Kev and David

Ben was a Speed Demon on his scooter! He criss crossed in front of people and once came to a sudden stop and started going the wrong way! It was hilarious watching people swerve to miss him. I was sure we were going to make a trip to InstaCare - if you know Ben, you know this is not an unfamiliar destination for him! But thankfully, no injuries. Although he did get a bloody nose, from what - we're not sure. And neither is he!

Me and my Mom.
She came over on my birthday and watched Ben and David the whole day so I could have a break. Thank you Mom!

What better way to end a birthday than with cake and ice cream! Okay, so we didn't have cake. But we did have excellent banana splits with my favorite ice cream from the BYU Creamery - Chocolate Fudge Mousse! Ooooh - la - la!

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Anonymous said...

You have such a sweet hubby and your kids are so cute. Sorry this comment is so late, Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for coming to my party! LOVE YA!