February 27, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We LOVE the snow! Luckily we live in Utah where it snows a decent amount in the winter. At least this year it has. Yeah! The kids love to walk around in it, play in it, eat it, and shovel it - yes, even shovel it! They actually fight over who gets which snow shovel. I'm encouraging this for as long as I can, because I know there will come a time (teenagers!) when shoveling will not hold the same excitement as it does now.
Neither Kevin nor I mind driving in it, though I usually make him drive. And it's tons of fun building snowmen in the yard with the kids, going sledding with our friends on the mountain - I love living this close to the mountain. It's practically in our backyard, okay so actually my neighbor's backyard, the Larson's, but all we have to do is cross the street and voila! it's sledding in the mountains!
We have also made it a yearly habit to turn our driveway into a sled run, a.k.a. "the luge." Many a sled have been crashed and trashed attempting its icy slope. It's great!
The kids will stay out for hours playing in the snow. When they come in -exposed skin all bright red - I'll ask if they're done and they emphatically reply "No!" (They usually come in to get something to eat, go to the bathroom, or ask if they can have another carrot for their snowman's nose) I have been known to let them play outside in the snow til 7 or 8 p.m.! Shocking I know, but come on, it doesn't snow every day! Errrr, maybe sometimes, but that's not the point. I mean, this is the stuff our childhood memories are made of right?


Baby David

Izzy, Kev, and David


Me and David

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