March 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary - to US!

Today was our 11th Anniversary!

To celebrate, Kevin took the day off and we spent the whole day together. He made a wonderful breakfast for us after the kids got off to school, and in the afternoon we drove to a little french bakery in Orem to pick out some delicious desserts for us to eat later on in the evening.

It was 10 years ago that we went to Paris, France for our 1st Anniversary. We have fond memories of that trip, and we wanted something a little reminiscent of our enjoyable time in the "City of Lights."

Black Forest Cake

Chocolate Cigar

So, is your mouth watering yet? They were both delicious, but my favorite was the Chocolate Cigar - Ooooh so heavenly!

We were also able to go out to eat (at Ruby River) and then to a movie. We saw "Penelope" and enjoyed it very much. I recommend it!

Kevin and I had a great day, but most of all, it was good to just be with him. He is my favorite person to be around, my best friend, and lucky for me - my Husband!

Life does not get any better than this.


Lex and Jared Family said...

11 years, wow! January was Jared and mine 11 year anniversary for our first date. How the years do fly. Pretty funny to see me in those pictures. Look how short Colin was.

Irina Sergeyevna said...

Catherine, I'm so glad you came to my blog, and I love your blog! The chocolate cigar looks amazing. If I lived in Europe, I'd weigh 300 pounds, I'm sure.

Your wedding photos are so adorable! You look pretty much the same, but Kevin looks very different to me. He was a little smaller. Personally, I think people get even lovelier as they age, especially women. Meryl Streep versus Meryl in the 80's? No comparison! She's more beautiful than ever.

I'll have to check out the cooking blog too...

Barbara said...

Mmm those desserts look delicious. Sounds like a great anniversary. What a way to spend a 1st anniversary in Paris! How romantic. Thanks for the gardening tips, I can wait to start.

Leslie said...

Hey Catherine! I found you through Jen's blog. You still look as beautiful and young as when we all worked for Challenger! What a fun blog! You have a beautiful family! Congratulations on 11 years!