January 29, 2010

My Favorite Month

January is my favorite month. Why?

- Because it's the only month that goes by at the speed I think months should. When I think "what day is it today?" and look at the calendar, it feels like it should be the 8th or the 20th or whatever. Whereas other months seem to rush by with more of a "WHAT? It's already the 15th!?" I'm left with a 'where did the month go?' feeling. And that seems to gain momentum and get worse as the year goes on.

- I think the word 'January' looks pretty. (weird, I know.)

- It SNOWS!!!!!!!!

(Ben gets as giddy as I get when it snows!)

Yep, I LOVE the snow! When it snows, it just puts me in a good mood. No, a GREAT mood! If I wake up to snow, it doesn't matter what's going on - it's gonna be a FABULOUS day!


LEX said...

plus, your birthday is in January. I'm just glad when the month is over. Although, it is nice to have a month that I can dedicate to just staying in. I have a spring fever of about 200 degrees by now though! I'm a summer baby.

Leslie said...

I'm happy to know someone who loves January. You've given me some new perspectives to consider. Thanks!

Alvey family said...

I love your optimism! I feel the good about snow in December, but by Feb, March, April... the optimism is fading! Any suggestions?