February 22, 2010

InstaCare - Ben - Stitches:

Any Questions?

Really, does this surprise anyone?

This is his 4th set of stitches. (He had his first 3 by the time he was 3.) He's a tough kid, and was good during the whole thing. He told me, "Next time, I want to go to that same hospital and have that same doctor. It didn't hurt at all!"
Me: "Uh, how bout NO next time?!?"


LEX said...

ben, ben, ben! poor guy. And of course it would happen when Kev's out of town.

Camille Powell said...

Cat, I wish I could say that I was surprised! Poor Ben. Ryan really wants to know how this happened. He was quite concerned that Ben had to have his skin sewn together. Owchy.

Shelley said...

Oh poor Ben. Oh poor you! Can't say I'm surprised though. You have one tough kid!

Bugg's mama said...

Yow! What a picture!

Thanks for doing such a great job keeping up the Creative cooking blog. I love it so much!

love, Bree